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Spend your time enjoying your jet, not managing it.

Experience the benefits of your private jet without the stress of complex operations and the frustration of intricate trip details getting overlooked.

Concierge-like travel arrangements

Our management program is designed to provide owners with comprehensive support for their aircraft operations. Partnering with us means having a dedicated team of professionals ready for every aspect of aircraft ownership.

Services Include

Accounting Oversight

Our dedicated accounting team provides transparent management of all operating and fixed expenses – run by advisors with more than 20 years of experience in aviation financing. We guarantee accurate and timely processing of all private aviation operation expenses through an account in your name. Access your monthly statement, which includes:


Comprehensive Expense Reports


Detailed Trip Reports


Fuel and Trip Expense Reconciliation


Required Tax Reporting Information


Maintenance Expense Explanations

Flight Crew Vetting, Training, Employment & Insurance

If your operations require a full-time crew, we employ a vetted and reliable team dedicated to your aircraft. Lone Mountain Jet Management’s extensive crew hiring process includes interviewing, vetting, and onboarding the full-time crew. We handle the crew’s payroll, including benefits, 401K, and taxes, so you don’t have to. And, we provide oversight of their FAA-required training to ensure they meet or exceed the requirements.

If contract pilots are more effective for your trip schedule, we hire an experienced crew on a flight-to-flight basis. This process includes verifying their pilot and training records, vetting their credentials and safety records, and ensuring they meet insurance requirements.

*Let us know if you have an existing crew you would love to keep!

Comprehensive Travel Operations

We efficiently coordinate your travels from airport arrival to hotel drop-off. This includes flight planning, aircraft and crew scheduling, and ground transportation.

Our industry connections and experience result in higher dispatch reliability, allowing you to maximize your aircraft’s availability.

Coordination of Hangar Agreements and Insurance Policies

Our team reviews hangar agreements and insurance policies on your behalf to ensure you have the necessary coverages and services required for your flight – every time.

Maintenance Forecasting, Scheduling, and Oversight

Our management and maintenance teams work together to ensure necessary maintenance is done at opportune times to mitigate risks and avoid downtime.

Our team has decades of experience in aviation maintenance which enables us to assist crew and maintenance providers with troubleshooting and save aircraft owners thousands of dollars.

Subscription and Management

Your aircraft requires up-to-date subscriptions and electronic databases. Our team ensures that your aircraft is compliant with the FAA requirements and that your software, WiFi, Satellite Phone, weather provider, and other subscriptions are managed properly.

We ensure you are equipped with what you need and avoid paying for what you don’t.

Aircraft Stocking and Procurement

Enjoy your flights with a galley full of the supplies, snacks, and drinks you love and need. After all, this is one of the great perks of flying private!

Coordination of Fuel

We utilize our industry knowledge and buying power to select the best fuel provider at each destination and maximize your savings on fuel prices.

Optional oversight of Charter revenue

*Contact us for more details.

Adherence to Travel Regulations

We manage your regulatory compliance, prepare your aircraft for domestic or international travel regulations, and ensure your aircraft meets all FAA requirements.

We steward your resources as if they are our own

– this includes passing our cost savings onto you.






Crew Training & Accomodations


Temporary Charter Aircraft


Aircraft Parking


In-flight Subscriptions


FBO Services

Private jet ownership - the way it should be

Step 1

Connect with our team

We are eager to learn about your mission so we can assemble the right team tailored to your needs. We are available for in-person or virtual meetings to work around your schedule.

Step 2

Review your proposal

You’ll meet your dedicated team of experts and review your aircraft management plan. We are committed to providing a hassle-free management experience, making travel simple, and keeping your aircraft in quality condition.

Step 3

Fly with ease

Our team will provides comprehensive, concierge-like service - from crew coordination to airport reservation - so you can fly safely AND enjoy your flight. Show up, hop aboard, and take off with ease. It’s that simple.